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Doxy claims that they issued me a refund on September 20th for my order of almost $100. It took FOREVER to actually get a response, and then FINALLY they are issuing me a refund. I have called my credit card company and no such contact or refund has been made. It is now October 11th - they claimed it would take 2-3 business days to process.

WHAT A FRAUD!!!!! Luckily I had already contacted my credit card company and they have been working fabulously with me and have already issued a temporary refund so at least I'm not getting charged interest in the meantime.

I DO NOT recommend Doxy. Do not get sucked into their low prices and large selection. You will not receive your order or refund if requested, and asking them to make contact with you via email or phone is next to impossible.

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I placed an order last week too, and paid for the two-day shipping. In the order confirmation e-mail there was a link to their shipping policy, which seemed odd to me...I do most of my shopping on-line and have never received shipping policy link in the confirmation e-mail. Here they went on to explain that all items are out of stock unless explicitly marked as In Stock, and they go on to explain that it could take up to 14 days for them to get the item.

I have tried to contact them numerous times, and keep getting the auto-response.

After 5 days of failed attempts, I did some research & found out that this company is notorious for scamming people. The most commonly reported issues are:

--item/items never arrived

--refuse to issue a refund

--refuse to cancel the order when requested

--do not respond to e-mails

--do not provide contact information

--and many more

After reading couple of reviews, I went on the Better Business Bureau I found that over 400 complaints were issued against Doxy Intimates (currently located in St. Louis, MO)...

State of Missouri has sued the Doxy Intimates. Doxy surprise there...

State of Missouri has outlined a criteria Doxy has to comply with...

One being DOXY INTIMATES WILL NOT CHARGE THE CUSTOMERS UNTIL THE ITEMS HAVE BEEN SHIPPED....therefore if your credit card has been charged before the item was shipped, Doxy is breeching the agreement it has made with the state.

The Better Business Bureau, advises all the customers who were charged before the is shipped to contact the State of Missouri Attorney General.

PLEASE DO CONTACT THE ATTORNEY one should have to go through this...

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