Doxy Lingerie are crooks!! Be prepared to pay for items and never get them!

I just filed a BBB complaint on them and found out the attorney generals office is trying to shut them down! Wow wish I would have known that before giving them my money. They tell you that you ordered an out of stock item so they don't have to ship it to you...why didn't they tell me it was out of stock before they took my money? I feel like I have been robbed!

I am warning you.....do not shop at doxyonlinelingerie!!!

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Meria, Tbilisi, Georgia #34122

I ordered an in-stock item from them and received it within 2 business days!

Piritiba, Bahia, Brazil #31126

They did the same to me! They will email you being all nice to inform you of an out of stock item but will never refund or give you a chance to change the item. FRAUDS!

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