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doxy lingerie is a scam, dont buy anything from

them. they take peoples money and dont send any

merchandise. i am very unsatisfied but i printed out

my reciept and i have the order process information

form my credit card and i will be taking them to

court. they should not be in buisness at

all. i think they only opened up just to get people

credit card info and charge it. there a suckie

company this was on 09-02-08 that i placed my

order and still recieved nothing im taking them to

court now i already filed.

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Idk if they are still the same company, but it is now changed to and I am attempting to contact them to find out how to get my money back! This is ***, almost as bad as the ppl from third world countries trying to scam us into doing the western unioning and money orders...making checks or whatever out for more and wants you to send the access to someone/family member. DON'T DO IT!


This company never sent me my product and until I threatened to sue them they credited back my credit card which took 1 year. I believe this company id fake!! Do not buy!!!


I agree! I will never order any item from Doxyonline.

I received 2 of my 3 items. Of course the 3rd item was the most expensive. They charged my credit card and 3 months later I still haven't received the swimsuit. They will not reply to my e-mails and the phone number they have on my credit card invoice is fake!

The other 2 items were horrible! NEVER ORDER FROM THEM!

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