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I ordered from Doxy intimates on Oct 16th, immediately after placing my order I received an email with my order information, I paid extra for 2 day shipping is now the Oct 21st, and still my costume has not been shipped, my credit card was charged on the 18th though so Im hoping that my costume is delivered after all, I've sent two emails regarding shipping info such as tracking # with no response and the 800 number they provide you can only leave a message and the mailbox its full go figure, I might have to do a last minute costume shopping at my local halloween store =(

Monetary Loss: $50.

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I ordered my costume almost three weeks ago and have also not received it yet. I wrote an email asking for a delivery date but have not received a response.


After finding numerous links to doxy of consumers complaining about not receiving their orders, I sent them a very angry email, stating that I worked for local channel in LA, and that the evening news has a segment called consumer report and let them know that story about them is in the works, now mind you this was my fourth email regarding my order the first three didnt get a response at all, but the fourth one got a reponse within 2 hours, their response was that my order was due of shipping tomorrow morning and that according to ther shipping policy items go out 2-3 days within orders being placed and that they had followed policy, and because of my unecessary threats my order had been cancelled!...YEAH RIGHT!! I placed my order early Thurs night, 2 business days after would've been on MOnday and 3 days would've been today -TUesday!! I know for a fact my order was never to be shipped, Im pretty sure they have scamed numerous uninformed customers that rather let their money go than waste their time with this SHADY people, I responded it that this matter was not settled until a credit appears on my acct ASAP!!


I placed an order last week too, and paid for the two-day shipping. In the order confirmation e-mail there was a link to their shipping policy, which seemed odd to me...I do most of my shopping on-line and have never received shipping policy link in the confirmation e-mail. Here they went on to explain that all items are out of stock unless explicitly marked as In Stock, and they go on to explain that it could take up to 14 days for them to get the item.

I have tried to contact them numerous times, and keep getting the auto-response.

After 5 days of failed attempts, I did some research & found out that this company is notorious for scamming people. The most commonly reported issues are:

--item/items never arrived

--refuse to issue a refund

--refuse to cancel the order when requested

--do not respond to e-mails

--do not provide contact information

--and many more

After reading couple of reviews, I went on the Better Business Bureau I found that over 400 complaints were issued against Doxy Intimates (currently located in St. Louis, MO)...

State of Missouri has sued the Doxy Intimates. Doxy surprise there...

State of Missouri has outlined a criteria Doxy has to comply with...

One being DOXY INTIMATES WILL NOT CHARGE THE CUSTOMERS UNTIL THE ITEMS HAVE BEEN SHIPPED....therefore if your credit card has been charged before the item was shipped, Doxy is breeching the agreement it has made with the state.

The Better Business Bureau, advises all the customers who were charged before the is shipped to contact the State of Missouri Attorney General.

PLEASE DO CONTACT THE ATTORNEY one should have to go through this...


I have the exact same thing happening to me! I ordered on the 14th and still nothing!

I have a halloween party this weekend and I paid for the 2 day shipping as well.

This is ***! DON'T EVER BUY FROM DOXY INTIMATES OR DBA MJR CLOTHIERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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