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I placed an order, and as other people have posted, my card was charged THAT DAY! I was sent a confirmation email and then nothing!

I have tried to contact them but to my surprise they don't even have a real phonenumber, its a voicemail box! The funny thing is I'm a local lawyer and plan to sue if they don't get their *** STRAIGHT! In all honesty I think they need to be shut down they obviously are doing this to numerous people. If DOXY has ripped you off please post here with your contact information!


Monetary Loss: $200.

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You need to double check your information before placing it on the web. The address you gave is not the Jennifer Lutke you are referring to.

Posting incorrect information like that hurts innocent people.

I too was ripped off by Doxy but verified that this is NOT the same Jennifer Lutke. At least have enough feelings for the one not to post her address as the the one ripping people off.


Jennifer Lutke

680 Walnut Point Ct

Ballwin, MO 63021-6213

(636) 527-0677

Placed order on October 6... today is October 28. Loss of over $500.

Singers Glen, Virginia, United States #28776

i too have stopped dealing with these people, the take the monies from your account and you never get the items. and i've sent things back and i have yet to receive my refund. i just said f it and i have since then STOPPED DEALING with these crooks!!!

Veles, Veles, Republic Of Macedonia #24945

I ordered for our anniversary, never recieved the package. I called my credit card and they are stopping the payment, credited my account, and all I had to do was make one call and keep all records of contacting this company, DOXY LLC and it is also known as Sassybikini, and

Hartington, Nebraska, United States #22540

I placed an order on April 9th. They also charged my card right away.

I did not hear from them in awhile even after multiple emails and messages left on their voicemail. I made a dispute claim to my credit card. At the end of May, Doxy got back to me saying that they are shipping the items right soon (knowing that my credit card company were contacting them about the dispute). I told them I did not want the item and wanted a refund.

They did not get back to me. In June I recieved a package in the mail from Doxy with my order. Two days later Doxy contacted me saying that my credit card took away money from them and that I should pay them again for the item because they shipped my order (even though I told them I didnt want it anymore.) Now they are threatning to take me to the collections office.

I told them take it up with the credit card company and that I didnt want to deal with them anymore. Email me at for more info.

Drums, Pennsylvania, United States #12465

i placed and order on 16april08, same as everyone i never got any reply, and i have order more than 200usd, i think i am just gonna report my credit card as stolen, or tell my credit card company that i got rip

Clermont, Florida, United States #12028

I placed an order w/ Doxy on 5/2/2008 and like everyone else my credit card was charged the same day and i received a confirmation email stating that my order was received and i would get another email when my order ships. I paid extra for 2 day shipping bc i'm going away on vacation and needed this order ASAP.

I've called the 800 # and emailed them several times and still no one has contacted me back. I got my bank statement and contacted the # that was on there. The girls name is Jennifer Reynolds and her # is (269)998-9718 I hope this helps out some people.

I left her another several msg and still have not heard back from her bc she is out of the country on her honeymoon using everyones money until 5/17/2008- how *** convenient. Please everyone call this # and harass her until you get ur orders and never ever order from this company again...

Locust Grove, Virginia, United States #10571

Doxy has done the same thing to me! i put in my order last year October and never got it.

After geting Doxy to email me back about it i was given credit, and til this day still no order!

but i do get email with the new sales they got going on??? i think a call to Doxy may help letting them know that i'm looking into every possibility i have to get my money back!!

Ravenwood, Missouri, United States #9828

:( I wish I would have found hese reviews befor I gave Doxy 130.00 dollers. Oh but I did get to use my coupon for 10% off.

how nice of them to let me keep 10% while there ripping me off. I orderd from them in feb. and payed extra to have it shipped by valentines day (thursday) It came friday.

That was a red flag but I orderd again 3/20 and nothing and no response to any of my emails. Any advice?

Alamo, Texas, United States #9384

I had to leave voicemails & send emails telling her I contacted every agency out there to defend consumers....I got 3 emails in a row from them....your order has shipped!!.....3 times she wrote me back....So in 5-7 business days I should have a box from DOXY....If not I will continue my quest against this insane business. I will never deal with them again....It's a poor business.

I am in the Service industry and would never treat my customers this way....

I will let you all know when the box comes. There is a mild glimmer of hope in my eye......

Alamo, Texas, United States #9277

1-269-998-9718....this is the merchant # I received. They said to keep after the company while they are researching it.

I filed complaints with Yahoo!, also with the BBB.....This is insane that she gets away with taking our money, how hard is it to pack up lingerie and ship it out? SHE WILL PAY ME BACK, the hard way or easy way is up to her!!!

Alamo, Texas, United States #9222

I also ordered from DOXY on April 11, 2008. I received the order confirmation, my card was charged the same day...and as today nothing.

No order, no returned call, no returned email....What a friggin' joke. I put in a dispute with my credit card company, filed a complaint with the BBB.

I guess we have to see what comes of this. I want my money back or my items....If you have any suggestions???

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #9128

I too placed an order with Doxy on April 7 and did receive a confirmation email. Last weekend I received another email stating my order was in their warehouse to be sent out.

To date I have received no merchandise and no return emails after sending them 4 more emails. I would never order from them again!

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