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I ordered my costume on Oct 14th. I also received and email response from them saying they would let me know when my order is shipped.

I haven't received anything from this company. They took my payment and now I'm waiting on something that might not even come and I'm holding a Halloween party!!! What am I suppose to do? Spend another $100 on a costume and then maybe get this one after Halloween!?!

I've never ordered anything from doxy intimates but it seemed like a secure place. I guess I was wrong. I need this company to let me know something!!!!

As soon as possible!!

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I finally received an email from doxy intimates saying that I have a credit with them for unavailable items that I ordered. This was 9 days after I ordered.

My credit card company gave me my money back and they are dealing with them now.

They should've never taken the money off my card if they didn't have it in stock and as of right now the website is stilll saying in stock. I wish my situation was as easy as yours.


I ordered from Doxy and got my order in one week and one day, shipped (with confirmation) by Priority Mail. It was a great costume also, higher quality than most places sell.

Although I did send them emails that remain unanswered and I was never able to contact or let alone leave a message by phone. I would say that their customer service skills may need a bit of improvement, but as far as order fufillment and shipping time, I am actually quite pleased!


While reading all of these I am extremely terrified because I have spent $144 for a costume for me one for my friend on the 16th and still havent recieved my order without knowing it would be some kind of scam. I have emailed Doxy and they write me back within 20 minutes of my emails and have said my order will ship by the weekend and USPS is shipping the order.

Hopefully the company has changed for the better because if not i will be extremely pissed. Would it be wrong of me to expect my friend to pay me back for hers when she did not recieve anything either because we charged both to MY card?


I got on the state of missouri general attorney website and there is a section where you can put in a consumer complaint. I had to put all the info for doxy intimates and dates when I ordered but I'm not sure whats going to happen next. I guess the best thing is to go find something else.


I placed an order last week too, and paid for the two-day shipping. In the order confirmation e-mail there was a link to their shipping policy, which seemed odd to me...I do most of my shopping on-line and have never received shipping policy link in the confirmation e-mail. Here they went on to explain that all items are out of stock unless explicitly marked as In Stock, and they go on to explain that it could take up to 14 days for them to get the item.

I have tried to contact them numerous times, and keep getting the auto-response.

After 5 days of failed attempts, I did some research & found out that this company is notorious for scamming people. The most commonly reported issues are:

--item/items never arrived

--refuse to issue a refund

--refuse to cancel the order when requested

--do not respond to e-mails

--do not provide contact information

--and many more

After reading couple of reviews, I went on the Better Business Bureau I found that over 400 complaints were issued against Doxy Intimates (currently located in St. Louis, MO)...

State of Missouri has sued the Doxy Intimates. Doxy surprise there...

State of Missouri has outlined a criteria Doxy has to comply with...

One being DOXY INTIMATES WILL NOT CHARGE THE CUSTOMERS UNTIL THE ITEMS HAVE BEEN SHIPPED....therefore if your credit card has been charged before the item was shipped, Doxy is breeching the agreement it has made with the state.

The Better Business Bureau, advises all the customers who were charged before the is shipped to contact the State of Missouri Attorney General.

PLEASE DO CONTACT THE ATTORNEY one should have to go through this...


I'd get a hold of your bank or credit card company and let them know that this is a company that has had complaints and has been investigated by the Better Business Bureau as well as the Missouri Attorney General. I did this and my credit card company began investigating and issued me a refund in the meantime.

I'd then go out and get yourself something from somewhere else. If you're looking for something sexy, is awesome - a little pricey sometimes, but I've never had any problems with them. is also good and when you buy once from them you get great coupons via email as well. The best of luck to you!!


I know what you mean, Im hoping they get it together and send me my costume after all, I was really set on it...I've contacted them yet a3rd time today and still no response, they really mask their website really good, it looked very reputable

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