I reeived two partial orders, with the promise of that they would send the items ASAP.

which of course never arrived, I sent them numerous e-mails, which of course bought them enough time to get past the 90 day mark, so I could not even get credit anymore from my credit card company!

reported them to the better business bureau, which takes on a life of it's own since they were two different ordes...and I had to deal with two different states to boot...well to make a long story short since this took about ten months total, DOXIE never returned any calls to the BBB for one of the orders, I finally received one check from them for about $40 which I deposited in my bank.

the following day I received a call from the better BB, who asked if this check from doxie had been received my me, they were very good about trying to work for me, to receive the credit that I was due just about a year ealier, from Doxie.......

so one would think that this ended half way decently.....NOT

their check bounced and my bank charged me $8.00

for their insufficiant funds check, so this venture eventually ended up costing me somewhere in the vicinity of close to $80.00 dollars.

these people are total scam artists, and know how to play the game to *** out of your money.

and that is sad, since it reflects negatively on the honest internet stores.....

my best advice....stay away from these "bottom dwellers"

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