I too...placed an order from DOXY LINGERIE...I ordered two items. They were both on back order.

I called and called to find out how they it would be before I got them, if at all. They didn't return my calls. I called my credit card company to find out that they did indeed charge me for the items. I finally got one item about a month later and was told that I had a store credit in which I received via e-mail.

I e-mailed them back telling them I wanted a credit on my charge card as they weren't able to keep up their end of the deal, by sending me the item I wanted and why would I have wanted a store credit as they had no store in Michigan to shop at.

I NEVER got a credit on my credit card...and the hum-dinger was I never had a receipt for which I could have sent in to my credit card company to prove that they didn't send me one of the items I ordered; therefore, I was out $42.00 plus tax and s/h. Please DON'T order from them..as when I called and called, all I got was a male's voice mail...and never a return phone call with an explanation as to why they scammed me nor my credit, which I was owed!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $42.

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