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I placed an order in August of 2008, it's now June of 2009 and still nothing. They sure took my money right away! After about two monthes they responded and said the order was overlooked and would be shipped by the weekend, yeah right!

I attempted several phone calls and emails. Only to leave voice mails and get no responses.

After about 3-4 months i contacted the better business bureau only to find out they had been sued by the state multiple times. I filed a report with the Missouri attorney generals office. I still want my merchandise!!!!

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If history repeats itself, someone from Doxy seems to 'monitor' the site and will ask you to contact them. Although I'm sure that they will ignore any type of communication that you try to have with them.

I went through something similar - I ordered last August, and waited about 2 weeks when I heard nothing, and could not contact the company. I had no tracking number or anything.

I went searching online and found this website, and proceeded to the BBB. I was shocked at what I found as I tend to buy things quite a bit online. I got sucked into their selection and low prices, and figured if they have a yahoo stamp, they mustn't be too bad.

Well, I contacted my credit card company straight away and told them that I may have been scammed. They said they'd look into it.

FINALLY Doxy began emailing me back - I'd generally email 5-6 emails before getting a response a week later. They were unprofessional in tone, and very condescending. Eventually they said they'd credit me with a refund - I called the credit card company a few times, and they had never heard from Doxy, nor had any refund ever been issued on their end. In the end, I received the refund from the credit card company and I will NEVER shop Doxy again. I'd rather pay higher prices at mydivascloset than risk being scammed. It is ridiculous that they have been allowed to continue with these business practices.

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