I too ordered from Doxy in 2007. Several of the items I had paid for were out of stocks so they gave me a store credit of over $83. I ordered a pirate costume complete with some a pair of matching boots cuffs. I made use of the store credit to buy myself a pirate outfit which i had eyed for a long time. as the pirate costume and the boot cuffs cost more then $83, I even topped up the difference by paying through credit card. The item did not arrive and after several reminders later, they sent only the boot cuffs. when i wrote to them and asked me where was my prate costume, they said there was none because my store credit was only $8.

Following that I wrote many emails to check, even forwarding them the email that they had sent me to say I had $83 store credit, not $8 and they were all left unanswered.

I am living in Singapore and there is no way i can take the matter out with them. I never ordered from them anymore

Monetary Loss: $100.

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